Gousto Data Team Christmas Drawing Competition… In Paint

This is quite possibly the easiest blog post I’ve ever written as well as my all-time favourite. Last night we had a virtual data team Christmas party where we played many games, one of which was a drawing competition where we had to draw a Christmas themed picture on Paint.

Now drawing anything on a computer usually requires a very special set of skills, software and equipment… none of which you’ll find within a team of data professionals, which is what made the outcome even better.

Although the drawings below look like they were made by a class of 7-year-olds, make no mistake, these were the final products of a group of very smart adults. My only advice before you scroll any further would be to hug those around you as some of these drawings will likely scar you for life. You’ve been warned!

Our judges and organisers voted number 8 the winner, but I’d love to hear which is your favourite in the comments section below.

A big thanks to the team who organised the event:

· Pawel Kapuscinski — Analytics Engineer

· Neal Patel — Data Analyst

· Do Young Kim — Data Scientist

· Alan Thiele — Marketing Analyst

· Giulio Cavalcante — Analytics Engineer

I hope you enjoy this post. The purpose of it is nothing more than to “paint a small picture” of the data team here at Gousto. We’re growing the team here so if you do work in Data and are looking for a new role, please get in touch. You can find all of our open vacancies here: https://www.gousto.co.uk/jobs

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1. Joe Cooper (Data Scientist)
2. Bhavik Patel (Product Analytics Lead)
3. Daniel Murray (Analytics Engineer)
4. Eoin O’Flanagan (Lead Data Engineer)
5. Daniel Paddon (Data Scientist)
6. Rob Barham (Director of Data)
7. Lottie Linter (Senior Product Analyst)
8. Niclas Thomas (Head of Data Science)
9. Elena Martina (Data Engineer)
10. Irene Iriarte Carretero (Senior Data Scientist)
11. Joe Barnes (Data Scientist)
12. Alexander Marinov (Data Scientist)
13. Andre Sionek (Data Engineer)
14. Ethan Potter (Data Scientist)

Head of Product Analytics. Founder of CRAP Talks. Twitter: @dodonerd