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  • Itamar Faran

    Itamar Faran

    Data Scientist & Statistician @ Wix.com

  • Lauren


    D&D enthusiast and DM. Autistic woman. Humanist. Data person. Likes: woodlice, Agatha Christie, rain. Dislikes: human interaction, lack of human interaction.

  • Vicky Yu

    Vicky Yu

    Musings of a data scientist turned data analyst. Sharing my data experiences one story at a time.

  • Lukas Vermeer

    Lukas Vermeer

    I help people run experiments to make better products for customers. I explain science using historical narratives and teach statistics through storytelling.

  • Kaushik Sureshkumar

    Kaushik Sureshkumar

    Data Scientist writing about Product Analytics, Experimentation and Causal Inference

  • Eric H. Kim

    Eric H. Kim

    Helping people with product management and growth. Currently a head of product. Formerly a startup executive, product manager, and founder.

  • Mohit Singh

    Mohit Singh

    Product Analytics @ Peloton

  • Leihua Ye, Ph.D. Researcher

    Leihua Ye, Ph.D. Researcher

    PhD @ University of California. Top Writer | Machine Learning | Data Science | Experimentation & Causal Inference www.linkedin.com/in/leihuaye

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