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  • Ian Daniels

    Ian Daniels

    Head of Digital @yarddigital, Whisky Lover, Surfer, SEO Fixer, Affiliate Tinker, Digital Gypsy, Travel Zombie. Views are better by the sea.

  • Anju Ram

    Anju Ram

    Mom . Techie . Books . Music

  • Frank Hopkins

    Frank Hopkins

    Experimentation Data Scientist, specialising in digital experimentation. Posts ranging from data science to website optimisation and digi-analytics.

  • Truly Norman

    Truly Norman

  • Andrea Marchello

    Andrea Marchello

    Passionate engineering manager with a strong technical background and a genuine interest in Agile leadership and Lean principles. Musician as a hobby.

  • Sam Buddington

    Sam Buddington

    A new product mentor, figuring the best way to learn new stuff, and teach it in less time than I took to learn it.

  • robin dickinson

    robin dickinson

    Search, to social to analytics and everything digital in between. All views are my own

  • Ajay Shah

    Ajay Shah

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