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Head of Product Analytics. Founder of CRAP Talks. Twitter: @dodonerd

AB Testing Programme Management For Free

Before I begin, let me clarify two things. 1) this post is not sponsored and 2) the tool (Illuminate) really is 100% free.

I am writing this post for no reason other than the fact that Illuminate helped us solve a genuine problem (for free). A problem I’m sure many…

and why you need to be investing in it

I believe Product Analytics will be the next big thing in the data space. It might not reach the dizzying heights of Data Science and I doubt it will ever get a sexiest job of the 21st century article published about it on Harvard Business Review (HBR) but I’m certain…

The impact of violating assumptions of independence on AB Tests and changing the primary metric for your company

Photo by Jonathan Petersson on Unsplash

Changing the primary metric for any company is not a straightforward thing to do. Why you may ask? There are dozens of reasons but here are some of the ones that come to my mind:

  • The company has been using that metric for a long time
  • Forecasts have been made…

How to cope with a losing experiment

My one rule for running experiments is: “remain emotionally detached”, but contrary to popular belief, I am human and I do understand the excitement of putting an experiment live. You’ve invested time and resources into getting here; you can’t help but hope that it wins. You’re already mentally preparing your…

I mean, can anyone event point out the North Star?

Photo by Adrian Pelletier on Unsplash

A good metaphor should capture the essence of that which it attempts to describe.

If you asked a thousand Product Managers why they use the North Star as a metaphor for product success, a large majority would likely tell you it’s because it’s the brightest star in the sky or…

Breaking free from the echo chamber

What is negative space?

In the art world, negative space is referred to as the space surrounding an object or positive space. For many images, the space around the object is meaningless with the main subject being the “thing” the artist has focussed on. Occasionally, however, the artist will use the space around the…

Using first-principles thinking to break down your product into fundamental parts

It’s time to step up our thinking or should I say it’s time to break it down… into first principles. Last year I agreed to do a talk at an event where I had the option to present a talk from 2019 or create a new one, I decided to…

How we used Actionable Agile to improve our workflow by 30%

Back in March this year (2021), I set out to understand whether my team’s JIRA board was as efficient as it could have been. I reached out to one of the Agile coaches at work for help (Hi Zara). …

The rise of superficial (and environmentally unfriendly) swag

Photo by Cinthia Becher on Unsplash

At some point over the last few years, we normalised obnoxious social media posts from companies and new employees flaunting onboarding goodies. With each new post, the swag has become more and more extravagant with companies trying to one-up each other on just how wasteful they can be. …

A simple framework for new (and old) managers to assess their team’s motivation and satisfaction levels.

Photo by Alejandro Piñero Amerio on Unsplash

Over the years I’ve observed a fundamental flaw in the workplace — There is zero support for new managers to develop the skills needed to effectively manage a team. Companies often promote great people…

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