Things I’ve learnt and mistakes I’ve made

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As we say goodbye to what has been quite possibly the most demanding year of our lives, well at least my life, I wanted to share a few things I’ve learnt as well as some mistakes I’ve made along the way when starting in my new role. I joined Gousto back in May 2020, during the middle of the first lockdown, and whilst the onboarding process was seamless, the experience was anything but. Don’t get me wrong, it was never going to be easy as I was building a new team and function from scratch, there weren’t any handovers, the data function I’m now in didn’t exist and I was doing all of this and more, remotely with two boys under the age of 5 floating around. Having been at Gousto for nearly nine months now, these are the 7 pieces of advice I’d give to anyone joining a company remotely as they are things that I’d do better or do more of if I was doing it all over again. …

This is quite possibly the easiest blog post I’ve ever written as well as my all-time favourite. Last night we had a virtual data team Christmas party where we played many games, one of which was a drawing competition where we had to draw a Christmas themed picture on Paint.

Now drawing anything on a computer usually requires a very special set of skills, software and equipment… none of which you’ll find within a team of data professionals, which is what made the outcome even better.

Although the drawings below look like they were made by a class of 7-year-olds, make no mistake, these were the final products of a group of very smart adults. My only advice before you scroll any further would be to hug those around you as some of these drawings will likely scar you for life. …


Bhavik Patel

Product Analytics lead at Gousto. Founder of CRAP Talks. Twitter: @dodonerd

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